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  • Music Lessons


    General Music Lessons for Children and Adults

    Learn to Sing or Play a Musical Instrument
    The basics of music – keeping a beat, moving to music, carrying a tune, improvising, etc. – are ideally learned in childhood. But, if you missed the boat, do not worry. You can still catch up. Don’t think that you have no talent and can never make music. These abilities are inherent in the soul and only need to be awakened by a well-trained and patient teacher. You too can become a confident musician through the vehicle of devotional songs taught through the raga system and Western techniques. Classes can be conducted privately or in groups, at my studio or in your home.
    I am a music conductor and hold a masters degree in music education and teach all levels of general music. I specialize in voice, piano (harmonium), woodwinds (flute, etc.) and strings.
    All proceeds go to the Vedic Theatre Ensemble, whose goal is the presentation of Vedic sastra and associated works for the glorification of the Deities and the enlightenment of the congregation.
    Please contact Deva at vedadas108@gmail.com


    Vedic Theatre Ensemble

    music_lessonsTo continue the legacy of presenting Vedic literature to the public through dramas, which was sanctioned by Srila Prabhupada, this troupe performs regularly for major festivals.
    Everyone is encouraged to participate in any capacity to assist us pleasing Sri Sri Radha-Madhava Hari and enlightening the audience through plays taken directly from our sacred texts.